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About Locumsbook

Welcome to Locumsbook, Zimbabwe’s largest healthcare professional network for locum jobs and permanent jobs having hundreds and hundreds of users in many territories.


Create a hub and economic opportunity for every member of the healthcare arena


Connect the healthcare professionals to make them productive and efficient

We are Zimbabwe’s pioneer online network to enable healthcare employers to secure locums to cover shifts. We are still building our record of users on the platform. The platform has upgraded the traditional locum model by empowering both the parties of the exchange. Users shall be able to advertise and source locum shifts and permanents, among others, quicker and regularized than before. Our compliance checks ensure that only qualified and reliable professionals secure shifts with their respective employers.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Locumsbook?

    It is a website and mobile application that connects together the locum tenens or healthcare professional to the employer in a convenient way.

  • Since Locumsbook connects locums tenens to licensed employers there is transparency of who is participating in the exchange minimizing/ eliminating bogus locums or employers. Locumsbook came in to reduce and remove the middleman syndrome and bring convenience by providing a seamless website and mobile phone chatbot. You are able to pick a locum tailored to your taste and rate. This will save energy, time and money.

  • 1. On the website menu bar above click Sign Up 1b. Undertake the registration by uploading required documents and put your password. Subscribe for job notifications. 2. The other option to register is via the mobile application Loki (chatbot). Whatsapp Hi to +263 717 457 538 and follow prompts. To join the community on Whatsapp for job notifications copy and open the following links, https://chat.whatsapp.com/ESVEF76jbLsFGptsV4LTEq OR https://chat.whatsapp.com/IYN6lmtaMJDBWyFBa5ALYI

  • After you complete a shift, you will be paid directly by the employer you worked for according to the payment details you agreed to on accepting the locum.

  • Locumsbook has a robust system that verifies locum tenens for compliance with authorities. You can utilize our booking platform to cover both emergency/ stat locums and stay away locums. You can even get permanent pharmacists to supervise your premises!

  • Since Locumsbook connects locum tenens to licensed employers there is transparency of who is participating in the exchange minimizing/ eliminating illegal and bogus locums or employers. Traditionally, recruitment was done by an agency that would charge commission for processing work and was not time convenient.

  • Yes. We are aware of the different tastes so we have a permanent recruitment section on your portal where you can advertise for permanent jobs. We will post it to our verified locum base and link you up with candidates.


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